August 25, 2016

John Van Hamersveld Contemporary Post Future!

John Van Hamersveld is an American graphic artist, designer, and illustrator. John grew up in and was influenced by the South Bay and California Beach culture.

March 14, 2015

Gregg Wilensky at Lois Lambert Gallery

Lois Lambert Gallery presents "Hovering, Photographs at the Boundaries of Nature" a collection of digital phtography by Gregg Wilensky.

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Donald Roller Wilson

The name conjures up an image of an evangelical preacher with his own circus side show. Reverend Roller Wilson's church of the cross-dressing chimpanzee. "Step right up, brothers and sisters, and behold the temptation of the transvestite terrier, by the delicate delights of the transdimensional phallic dill pickle." Ladies and gentle souls, if you are Jung at heart you are about to enter the surreal estate of Donald Roller Wilson. It is a world where the progeny of Jane Goodall and Charles Pierce stand paw in paw in the primordial dusk...surrounded by floating half-smoked cigarettes. The ultimate still life, (or outtakes from Einstein's gag reel). Every Roller painting tells a story. Literally. A cross between William Faulkner and Dr. Seuss with a bit of the old testament. A biblical baklava, layered with allegory and imagery. It all adds up to the big picture, where Cookie, the baby orangutan and Miss Dog America see the writing in the sky. "God is near," or at least right behind the tiny log cabin in the midst of the giant floating pimento stuffed olives. And if you see as many Rollers as I have, maybe you too will think that Darwin was wrong. Maybe the gene pool is a jacuzzi and that that Reverend Donald is beckoning you to jump in without preconceptions. Go ahead...You have nothing to lose but your big dills.